Why Choose Us?

                                                         ARE YOU READY TO BE INSPIRED?

​Take a look at the wonderful looks our designers prepared for your home. Learn how to use home decorations to finish up the unique feel of your humble abode.

We help you put it all together with interchangeable pieces from room to room.  We started with an eye toward good craftsmanship and simplicity. Quality is the key to longevity, so we chose pieces that are sturdy and durable yet beautiful and stylish. You can be comfortable with our furniture and decor from day to day because of the good craftsmanship that went into making it.  We select products from around the world. Treasure our furniture and home decor for many years to come and pass it from one generation to the next.

About Us

Nony Gwyn

store owner

Our products are made with the highest regard to quality craftsmanship. Our mission is to expose you to furniture and decor that is exclusively unique, reasonably priced, comfortable, and stands out from the rest.